Friday, May 19, 2017


I loved Alejandra's topic of a soulmate with matching birthmarks because it peaked everyones curiousity and how it would work. Everyone wanted to know the different ways it would work and the difficulties of living in a society like this. The challenges with this question I felt was that people didn't take her question seriously enough and didn't want to participate in the conversation.

Monday, May 1, 2017

AP Prompt 2004 Question 4

With the presidential election of Donald Trump he brought his ideas of how America should be. His opinion started conflict among many of us in America. Bringing up issues such as immigration, terrorism, and abortion. Donald Trump's views on abortion have encouraged others with the same views to come out and begin to protest.
Before the presidential election abortion was already a controversial issue. For those pro-life the idea of abortion was terrible and inhumane. They feel that abortion of a child is against civil rights because the children are deprived of life. When a mother is aborting a child that is a result of a rape, people who are pro-life feel that since it was not the child's fault it shouldn't be aborted. Many of these people use religion to back their idea of pro-life, using God to make those who abort their children feel shame for what they've done.
They don't need to do that because abortion may be the hardest thing a woman can do. When women abort their children there are almost always extenuating circumstances. There are those who do abort children because of the unexpected pregnancy, but to want to take away a woman's right to her own body is a crime in itself. We are going back in history because the problem with abortion was already dealt with in the case of Roe vs Wade and since this idea is brought up again today is a problem. Though I don't fully agree with the idea of abortion I fully agree with respecting a woman's choice.
This controversy of abortion was a problem in the past and a problem today. Someday we will need to resolve the issue like all our other problems, with compromise, but the day we start making it illegal for abortion and start telling women that they aren't in charge of their own bodies is the day we stop calling America the land of the free.

Monday, March 6, 2017


I strongly disagree that watching a movie is way better than reading a book. I personally love books they can take you to places that are amazing and wonderful. Books have the ability to make you feel so happy for a person or, in my case, want to strangle a person. Sure movies are just another representation of the book, but most of the time they don't put in all the details or worse, they don't live up to your expectations. A really good author can have you imagine the setting in the book and the characters so it feels like you're with them. Until movies can do that I doubt I'll change my mind.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Chapter 3

Nick is invited to Mr. Gatsby's extravagant parties

  • he seems to be the only one to received an invitation
  • the party is stocked with aged and fancy alcohol 
  • people are dancing everywhere 
  • nick finds Jordan Baker at the party and hangs close to her and then they find a drunk man inside Mr. Gatsby's library
  • when sitting at a table ,nick started having a conversation with a guy from the war and he asked him where to find Mr.Gatsby
  • but the man he was talking to turned out to be Mr.Gatsby
  • after the party Mr. Gatsby invited nick to go on his hydroplane
  • the drunk guy from the party crashed in front of the house and his wheel popped off 

Chapter 2

In chapter two

  • Nick meets mr. Wilson , a mechanic, when Tom Buchanan takes him to the city 
  • He meets myrtle, tom's mistress who is married to mr wilson, and Tom tells her to take the train to the city 
  • They meet up with myrtle and then they go to her apartment which is pack to the brim with furniture 
  • She invites her sister and friend who come over so they can have a party
  • Myrtles sister tells nick that neither Tom nor myrtle can stand who they are married to
  • Everyone gets drunk and then myrtle starts screaming Daisy's name and then he breaks her nose.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Great Gatsby Chapter 1

  • Nick Carraway the narrator of our story and war veteran in World War 1. He was taught to pass no judgements on people so people tend to lay out all there secrets on him, which he hates.
  • Daisy Buchanan, his second cousin twice removed, spouse to Tom Buchanan. I consider her spoiled and uncontent with her life.
  • Tom Buchanan, all around dick, married to Daisy and very wealthy. Is thought to have a woman on the side and is a racist.
  • Jordan Baker a female pro golfer and busybody.
  • Gatsby a mysterious neighbor of Nick's
  • Long Island at west and east egg

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Happy New Year? Steinbeck Remix

Is this really a happy New Year? We all hope it will be , but will it. Last year we had plenty of bad things happen we had the Paris bombings, the need for Black Lives Matter protests, and the presidential election that divided many of us. There were people going around saying 2017 will be better, but will we let it? Will we let our country be torn apart and divided because of our choices, our mistakes? And will we just wish it to end just like 2016? Or will we change it?